People who recite the Boy Scout Oath promise to keep themselves ‘physically strong.’ That goes for adult leaders, too. It’s time for you and your Scouts to get fitter and faster—and avoid missing out on Scouting’s greatest adventures.

The title says it all!  Your goal should be to attend one of Boy Scouts High adventure bases, Sea Base, The Summit, Northern Tier, and Philmont

Being over weight just ain't going to cut it.

Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization

Each one of the Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization forms for the High Adventure Bases (Sea Base, The Summit, Northern Tier, and Philmont) sets a Maximum weight for height to participate. You must control your weight and physically train for any of these High Adventures. Get the physical and you are good to go.

height/Weight Restriction

Being over weight does not prevent you from becoming a Scout.  But, the BSA requires all participants to have an Annual Health and Medical Record. To participate in Scouting the Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization form is required.  Get the physical and you are good to go!

A pre-participation Physical is required for resident campers (summer and winter camps) and events of 72 hours or more.  The physical does set a maximum height/weight restriction but the way summer and winter resident camps are designed the trails and activities are less than 30 minutes away from an emergency vehicle accessible roadway.  Get the physical and you are good to go!

In general, there are Medical Risk Factors for Your Participation in Scouting you should consider to insure all Scouts and Scouters are prepared.  Not necessarily a risk factor but you will need strength in all muscle groups and in particular, you will need upper body strength to participate to the fullest.

What Others Have Said About the BSA Height/Weight Restrictions.

The BSA height/weight restriction is controversial subject in that it is rather arbitrary and it restricts adult leaders that have proven their ability to perform strenuously. See On Parenting and the Well Rounded Mama.  Those are the rules so, you will need to deal with them!

For Me Personally

After a year of recovery from back surgery necessitated by my yanking on carpet during a home rehab, I spronged my back. My weight got out of hand due to eating and lack of exercise.  I am 68 years old and have been on a Keto diet and have exercised rigorously and often for about 2 months.  When I started the routine I weighed 256 pounds and now I am at 244 pounds. I have 18 more pounds to go to reach the weight restriction for any of the High Adventure bases and that is with my boots on!

I have found the Youtube videos by Homemade Wanderlust of the AT, CDT, and PCT thru hikes to be quite motivating.


What I Would Like to See

  1. Every Scout meeting  begin with 10 minutes of stretching exercises and calisthenics after the Flag Ceremony
  2. Each Troop and Crew should have adult leaders,  Male and Female,  that are physically fit and within the height and weight limits who can be called upon to do a Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, or Summit adventure if and when the Scouts and Crew want to attend.
  3. All adult leaders,  Male and Female,  "Be Prepared" to at least physically train with the Troop and Crew in preparation for any strenuous outdoor activity.  The Scouts need this training so that they build confidence in their ability to meet the challenges of these High Adventures. 
  4.  Scout leaders, Male and Female, "Be Observant" for signs of distress among the fellow leaders during training. Fear of water, reptiles, spiders, weird looking insects, breathing problems at moderate altitudes, allergies can be serious issues in the out-of-doors. Giving encouragement to strive to overcome these fears and limitations is the key.

  5. Many of the Merit Badges required for Eagle Scout are physically demanding, so adult,  Male and Female, leaders must be available and physically fit to accompany the Scouts so they can meet the requirements for Camping, Swimming, Personal Fitness, Hiking, Cycling, and Back packing.
  6. Each Troop and Crew go on outdoor, all day, physically demanding activity at least once per month.
  7. Attract and retain older youths to Scouting with the promise of High Adventure!  You want them to stick around so they can teach the younger youths.
  8. Scouting's By-the-Numbers Guide to Fighting the Flab
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