Troop Discussion and Crew Discussion Forum Features


Multi-User Access Online or through your Mobile Device.

You get to choose what information is available to the public and which is private for members only.



Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss are hosted on our servers. You can purchase a top-level domain or we provide a free sub-domain.

Free sub-domain name for 1st year. Free SSL certificate for https: access.

You can request a full download of your board at anytime.


Schedule and Track Unit Activities, Outings, Meetings, & Events.

Post and change Calender of Events.


Stay Connected

Stay in touch by Email and Push Notifications to your cell phone and desktop (coming soon).


Contact the Troop/Crew members with ease with mass emails and mass Push Notifications (coming soon) and mass private messages.


Post pictures and videos for public or private consumption.


Make Decisions quickly.

Polls and Surveys to Aid in Planning Decisions.


Avoid all that paper distribution! Publish maps, packing lists, and all the information inlcuding blank forms the scout Venturer needs to know and complete for a project or outing.


Manage the Troop's/Crew's Money

The Cash Book spreadsheet tracks income and expenses.  
It tracks Troop/Crew funding and member funding.

The "Member Proration" percentage shall be determined by vote of the members and recorded in the meeting minutes.


Cash Book Spreadsheet Viewable on Troop/Crew Discuss  and Editable Using Excel Online.


Complete Security

Password protected access. SPAM control, and log in monitoring by administrators.



Open Forums only for Members discussions with notifications.

Member Profile Pictures and information and private messaging unseen by the public.


Completely Customized.

The template is based upon the well established phpBB.


Fully documented to be easily used and administered by members ages 14 and up with oversight and advice.





Free Support by Phone & Email. Have a question? Call us and talk.

We will be glad to assist even including desktop sharing using Teamviewer.


A Help Desk including FAQ's and support ticket system. We will not leave the Crew hanging if difficulties arise.

Support from the community of Scouts and Crews using the 

Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss Support Forums

Preloaded Languages


All the heavy lifting  to install a multi-lingual Troop/Crew Discuss messaging Board has all be completed.

The Troop/Crew Discussion Forum phpBB core files, and extensions have been translated to the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish



Preloaded Styles


A style is the appearance that the Troop/Crew Discuss takes on as viewed in a browser.

Scout and Crew users can choose from 19 different styles to include:

  • Acieeed!
  • Black-Silver
  • BlackBoard
  • Blackfog
  • Blue Turtle
  • CelticDreams
  • ChesterBlue
  • CleanSilver
  • Green-Style
  • Halloween
  • Lucid Lime
  • Maxthon
  • Multi-Design
  • ne-blackgreen
  • Nosebleed
  • Philmont
  • Purplexion
  • Silver-Xmas-Modern
  • X-Creamy

The style seen by guests can be selected.

The Crew Discussion Forum demo guest style is titled Prosilver2.

Monetize Your Troop/Crew Web Presence


Raising money for the Troop/Crew is work. Let Crew Discuss do some of that work for you!

Crew Discuss support the following ways to raise money:

  • PayPal Donate buttons
  • On-line store to sale products that the Crew makes.
  • Advertising products for sale by 3rd parties.
  • Crowd Funding

The CrewDiscuss Help Desk Ecwid store has the details. PayPal integration details are also at the Help Desk.