Table of Contents

  1. Preface

  2. Inserting youtube videos and other video sources into Post

  3. Selecting Language and Style

  4. Recent Topics Feature

  5. Four Techniques to inserting Images and Documents into Posts

  6. The User Profile Settings

  7. Operating Procedures for Scouts and Crews and Administrators

  8. How to Protect and Clean your Computer from Malware

  9. Philmont Packing List

  10. Philmont Hymn

  11. Getting Started for Administrators

  12. Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss Components for Administrators

  13. Web Site Customizing Tools

  14. Tools Needed when Working with Remote Servers

  15. Quick links

1.  Preface

Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss are templates or patterns to follow when setting up a messaging board specifically designed with the needs a Scout Troop and venturing Crew in mind.  It provides a consistent and easily used web presence for the Troop/Crew.  Complete documentation is found here and on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages of the Help Desk. The Help Desk consists of the FAQ's and a ticket system.

The Help Desk FAQ is in 3 categories:

The Help Desk FAQ, can be viewed by anyone and is indexed by search engines.

The Ticket system can only be used by the administrator and the tickets are not indexed.

What is a Help Desk Ticket you may ask. Click the link to find out.

NOTE: If a Troop Discuss or Crew Discuss Messaging Board administrators needs any assistance what so ever to set up their board after purchase please submit a ticket.  All assistance to Scout Troops and Venturing Crews is free of charge.

To submit a ticket, Create Account on the Help Desk system and login to the Help Desk. We recommend using the board email you provided and a personalized Name/Alias. Describe the issue you are having. We at Ten Mile High will respond ASAP.

We can use a TeamViewer remote desktop connection to your Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss administrator's PC to provide direct hands on support when needed. You will find that TeamViewer will aid in cross training Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss administrators. It is free for non-commercial use and free to you to allow our connection to your PC.

Once you purchase Troop Discus and Crew Discuss then follow the instructions at "Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss Getting Started" FAQ to place it online for use by the Troop/Crew.

The documentation provided below is background material intended for the most part to educate the novice computer user and to inform the prospective users  as to what went into the development of Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss. This information is repeated in the Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss FAQ

1.  Inserting Youtube videos and other video sources into Post

How do we insert videos into a post?  The basic procedure is thus:

  • Find the video on youtube and copy the URL.  Just the domain and "v=" query string is needed.

  • Edit post and click on the video icon and copy the URL to the text box. The procedure is similar for other video sites but first select the video site from the dropdown box.


This documentation relates to the Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss product , one of a family of web presence products of Ten Mile High LLC. The parent company Ten Mile High also offers a soon to be released virtual IVR telephony  product and a SSH Explorer product.

2.  Selecting Language and Style

Scouting is happening all around the world – there are National Scout Organizations representing their home countries and delivering the promise of Scouting in virtually all areas and regions globally.

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is a confederation of 170 national Scout organizations. WOSM was formed to encourage the Scouting movement throughout the world by promoting unity and understanding of its purpose and principles and by supporting its expansion and development.

The Messaging Board is multilingual!  You set the default language for the board at ACP->GENERAL->Board settings->Default Language and individual users can select their country flag in theri UCP->Profile->Edit Profile.

The Messaging Board has the following languages installed for the board and for most extensions of the board: Google Translator for Firefox and

  • US English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Dutch

The language packs only affect standard language in phpBB, such as labels, explanations, buttons, and extensions. They do not translate text entered in posts. The Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss Templates forum and topic text is in english. The admin needs to translate these to the boards preferred language. We Suggest the  Google™ Translator.

If there is a particular language that you want, submit a ticket, and We will test it on a Demo board and install it on your live CrewDiscuss board when you so instruct.

This documentation relates to the Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss product , one of a family of web presence products of Ten Mile High LLC. The parent company Ten Mile High also offers a soon to be released virtual IVR telephony  product and a SSH Explorer product.



Click your user name and select "User Control Panel UCP->Board Preferences tab.

Select your language from the "My Language  dropdown  list.

Select your language from the "My board style dropdown  list.

You should also select your time zone, date format.

I recommend you select "Yes" for Open External Links in New Window option.

language_style_timezone_open extern.jpg


For Administrators select ACP->GENERAL->Board settings.

Select Default Language, Date format, Guest timezone, Default style, and Guest style from the dropdown lists.,


3.  Recent Topics Feature

When someone posts a new topic or replies to a topic then an email is sent to all users that have subscribed to the topic. The admin insures that all users are subscribed to all forums and topics.  Only one email is sent until the user logs onto the messaging board thus the benefit of the Recent Topics feature is that it lists all the topics and replies to a topic since the user's last log in. 

The preferred setting to " Only display unread topics in recent topics: " and " Display recent topics: " are set to Yes to insure that you are kept up to date with all Troop/Crew activities at UCP->Board Preferences->Edit display options tab.


4.  Four Techniques of Inserting Images and Documents into Posts


A. For images that you have created on your PC, The preferred method is to sign up on  Upload the image to your postimages account in the gallery that you create. So in this image you have three galleries, default, other, and posts. You can click on the images below and they will be displayed full size. This is a feature of post image.



Clicking on the default gallery. Then all your images are shown.


Click on Upload to drag and drop and image to your gallery


Click on an image in the gallery and click sharing, the sharing popup is displayed. Click on the copy button associated with "thumbnail for forums" and paste this into your post (it includes all the BBcodes needed). I change the "thumbnail for forums" URL with  the "Direct link" URL.  You can click on the image and it will be displayed full size.


This is the preferred method to post images!

  • All your images are in one place and you can reuse them across posts if needed.
  • Your discussion forum will load faster because the smaller thumbnail file size.
  • You will use less memory on the discussion forum server
  • The upload file size is not limited by the discussion forum server.


B. For images that you have created on your PC, Edit a post and click the Add Image to post link just below the post edit box and following the instruction in the popup window to upload a file from the user's PC to the postimages website. Please read the Image upload mod for phpBB.  If you intend to reuse the image you will have to take note of the URL to the image on  If you are logged into postimage the image will be added to your default gallery. If the Image upload mod is enabled then you can drag and drop the images on the edit box but the image will not be added to your default gallery using this method.


C. For images  on a website,  Go to website and left click image and select copy image location and insert it between image tags. This is called hot linkng and you should never hotlink copyrighted images from other websites.  Large images will be resized to fit the window or will be the size of the original.  Some websites prevent hot linking,

This image is from the BSA BRAND CENTER


D. For images that you have created on your PC,  Edit post and select the Attachments tab and browse for image from you PC. Add File comment and click Add the File. Only the author can use this file in this post. The author cannot reuse the image in other posts.  The maximum file size for upload is set at 500kb.


You can either create the images as you draft your text or if you have numerous images you create them all after your draft text is finished. The basic procedure is thus:

  • Collect and edit images on your PC. I use irfanview to capture images displayed on my monitor's screen and crop, resize, and etc.
  • Now go to the post you wish to edit, enter the edit mode, and  browse for the images. Below you will see the list of images I added to the post.  If the Image upload mod is disabled then you can drag and drop the images onto the edit box.

  • If you are using the WysiBB Editor then position the cursor where you want the image and click on the little image icon in the tool bar. The insert image window will pop up.

  • Now right click->Copy Link Location on the desired image in the attachment tab. Copy the link address of the image from the browser address bar and paste it to the image properties window and click OK. Do this for all images.

    NOTE: when copying URLs it is not necessary to copy the "&sid=..." portion of the query string.


A. For documents that you have created on your PC, The preferred method is to sign up on and download and install the app on your PC or smart phone. Upload the document to your dropbox account in the gallery that you create. So in this image you have three galleries, default, other, and posts. You can click on the images below and they will be displayed full size. This is a feature of post image.

B. For images  on a website,  Go to website and left click image

C. For documents that you have created on your PC, Edit post and select the Attachments tab an


This documentation relates to the Troop Discuss and Crew Discuss product , one of a family of web presence products of Ten Mile High LLC. The parent company Ten Mile High also offers a soon to be released virtual IVR telephony  product and a SSH Explorer product.

5.  The User Profile Settings





6.  Inserting links to Files into Posts






7.  Operating Procedures for Scouts and Crews and Administrators

Operating procedures that should be performed by the following Ventruing Crew officers:

  1. Crew President
  2. Crew Vice President - Program
  3. Crew Vice President - Administration
  4. Crew Secretary
  5. Crew Treasurer
  6. Crew Guide
  7. Crew Quartermaster
  8. Crew Historian
  9. Den Chief
  10. Webmaster
  11. Board Moderator
  12. Crew Advisor

These procedures should require 15 minutes or less per week per officer on average.

Operating procedures that should be performed by the following Scout Troop Leadership Positions:

  1. Senior Patrol Leader
  2. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
  3.  Patrol Leader
  4. Troop Guide
  5. Assistant Patrol Leader
  6. Troop Quartermaster
  7. Troop Scribe
  8. Troop Historian
  9. Troop Librarian
  10. Webmaster
  11. Board Moderator
  12. Scoutmaster

These procedures should require 15 minutes or less per week per troop leadership position on average.

Daily procedures:

  1. Webmaster monitors user access.  Message board administrator receives email per ACP->EXTENSIONS->User Access Notification
  2. Board Moderator monitors new topics and posts.  Board Moderator should be subscribed to all forums so to be notified of all new topics.
  3. Board Moderator edits topics and posts as requested by user when user can't edit same due to exceeding editing time limit.  See ACP->POSTING->Post settings->Limit editing time.
  4. Board Moderator mentors Crew members on use of the Crew messaging board. 
  5. Board Moderator responds to all new topics added to the HELP forums.

Weekly procedures:

  1. Crew Secretary and Troop Scribe should post meeting minutes and meeting agenda topics in the Troop/Crew Notifications->Meeting Agenda and Minutes forum.
  2. Webmaster should review the forum logs at ACP->MAINTENANCE
  3. The crew officers and troop leadership must review new topics and new replies for which they are responsible.

Monthly procedures:

  1. Crew Vice President - Program and Crew Vice President - Administration and Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader should create Public announcement topics (recruiting and activities and other events) and coordinate with the Webmaster to update the board wide announcement ACP->EXTENSIONS->BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS->Announcement settings..
  2. Crew Program Vice President should update the Crew calendar of events in CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Crew Calendar forum
  3. Crew Treasurer should update Cash Book spreadsheet with income and expense items in CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Crew Financial Report
  4. Crew Treasurer should notify Crew members that have a negative balance and are expected to bring their account even as soon as possible.
  5. Crew Treasurer should update "In the News" and "Videos and pictures for Public Release topics
  6. Crew Vice President - Program  should update the CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Upcoming events forum

Quarterly procedures:

  1. Crew Quartermaster and Troop Quartermaster defines and updates products and maintains inventory of products and assigns Crew member to produce any custom items to be sold in the on-line store.
  2. Crew Quartermaster and Troop Quartermaster coordinates fund raising activities and service projects. 
  3. Crew Quartermaster and Troop Quartermaster should update the Packing Lists at CREW PROJECTS->Packing lists and coordinate equipment acquisitions at CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Shopping Garage/Yard Sales and second hand stores.

Semi-annual procedures:

  1. Crew Secretary and Troop Scribe should create Crew officer election announcement at CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Officer Announcements.
  2. Crew Secretary and Troop Scribe should report the Crew officer election results at CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Current Officers.
  3. Webmaster will update Administrator email when new Board Administrator Vice President is elected
  4. Each Officer should update their signature to reflect their new title. See UCP->Profile->Edit signature
  5. Crew President prepares the annual report to the chartered organization and adds topic to CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Annual report to the chartered organization forum.
  6. Read the Leadership training materials listed below

Annual Procedures:

  1. Crew Quartermaster and Troop Quartermaster coordinates service projects at CREW MEMBER POLLS AND SURVEYS->Service selection and CREW PROJECTS->service project.

As needed procedures:

  1. Webmaster must activate newly registered users at the direction of the Crew President and Scoutmaster. See ACP->USERS AND GROUPS->Inactive users per the admin's notification options.  the user profile information is viewed at ACP->USER AND GROUPS->Manage users-> Profile.
  2. Webmaster should add topics to locked forums as needed by crew officers and troop leadership.
  3. Board Moderator adds new forums per direction of crew officers and troop leadership and subscribes to it.
  4. Crew Guide and Troop Guide should mentor and monitor use of the board as Troop/crew members work toward Programming and Digital Technology Merit Badges and the Venturing Nova Award in the Computers STEM exploration.
  5. Crew Vice President - Administration and Senior Patrol Leader respond to Contact requests found in the CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Knock at the Door forum.
  6. Webmaster should submit tickets to the Help Desk to resolve Messaging Board technical issues.
  7. Crew Vice President - Program  and Senior Patrol Leader should update TROOP/CREW MEMBER POLLS AND SURVEYS
  8. Crew President  and Senior Patrol Leader appoints youth chairs for special projects and adds project topic at TROOP/CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Meeting Place.
  9. Webmaster will send mass emails to Troop/Crew members per direction of crew officers and troop leadership.

Troop/Crew member Responsibilities:

  2. Specifically, discuss the assigned project as defined by the youth chair appointed by the Crew President  and Senior Patrol Leader in the TROOP/CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Meeting Place.
  3. Discuss with and mentor other Troop/Crew members.
  4. Discuss and submit application for crew officers and troop leadership positions .
  5. Discuss and participate in Troop/Crew activities and service projects.
  6. Review and discuss new topics and new replies for which the Troop/Crew member is responsible so to contribute intelligently at Troop/Crew meetings.
  7. Each Troop/Crew member should update their signature to reflect their new title, if any. See UCP->Profile->Edit signature
  8. Each Troop/Crew member should add an avatar. See UCP->Profile->Edit avatar.
  9. Read the Leadership training materials listed below

Advisors, Parents Committee, and Charter Organization Representative Responsibilities:

  1. Be registered on the board.
  2. Review and discuss as appropriate.
  3. Mentor as appropriate.

Leadership Training Materials

  1. Here's an online training course for new crew officers and troop leadership positions .
  2. Here's a great "Lessons Learned" document from an experienced Venturing Crew President.
  3. The following web site is dedicated to teaching leadership skills to youth leaders:  White Stag Leadership Development: Resources for Junior Leader Training
  4. The following is a 300 page guide to teaching boy scouts leadership skills: Resources for Leadership

8.  How to protect and clean your computer from malware

What is malware?

5 ways you didn't know you could get a virus, malware, or your social account hacked

It is worth repeating what is said in the articles

The best protection from malware — whether ransom ware, bots, browser hijackers, or other malicious software — continues to be the usual, preventive advice:

  1. be careful about what email attachments you open (if there is any question as to why you received the email, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT!)
  2. be cautious when surfing by staying away from suspicious websites (if the website does not use https or your browser issues a warning about the website DO NOT GO THERE!)
  3. install and maintain an updated, quality antivirus program.

Even if you don't currently have any problems, you could prevent future attacks by following the instructions below.

Q. My computer seems infected by some spyware/adware/virus. What do I do?

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go offline. Turn off WiFi, remove the Ethernet cable, or do whatever you need to go offline.
Note: If you see a fake "anti-virus" prompt, do not click anywhere on the screen. Just turn off your computer and follow these instructions.

If you are already infected with the fake "anti-virus" follow these steps first, then follow the rest of the steps starting at step 7:

How To Remove Antivirus Live and Other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware

2. Backup any important data to an external USB drive or CD/DVD.

3. Install anti-spyware software

Download some spyware removers. If you have access to another computer, download these files on the other computer, then transfer them to your computer using a USB stick. Boot into Safe Mode in Windows on your computer, and run the following software:

Note: To boot into Safe Mode, press F8 just after powering on your computer, and keep pressing F8 in 3 second intervals till you see a screen with choices. Select "Safe Mode" (not Safe Mode with Networking) from the options and press enter. If you don't have access to another computer from which to download the software, then select "Safe Mode with Networking" instead. Once your computer boots up into Safe Mode, proceed with installing the following software.

ATF Cleaner
Note: Run this first to clean out all temporary files. This will greatly reduce scan time.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Spybot Search & Destroy
Note: Make sure to select "TeaTimer" and "Spybot Resident" options during install. TeaTimer is a bit heavy on resources, but will protect you from future attacks. If you have more than 1GB of RAM, select it. After running the full scan and cleaning up whatever was found, click on the Immunize icon on the menu on the left, and then click the Immunize button to immunize against known spyware.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Super AntiSpyware

Panda Anti-Rootkit

Trend Micro Rootkit Buster

After installing each of the above, run them one after the other. Make sure to choose "Custom" install whenever possible, because some of these might install additional stuff such as toolbars and other options which you don't need. Once installed, update the software with the latest definitions before running the scans. Run each of the above in full-scan mode, one after the other. Make sure to clean/fix whatever it finds.

4. Install anti-virus software

Download and install one of the following free anti-virus software:

Avira AntiVir
Note: This is reportedly the best free anti-virus, but some users have reported issues with the definitions update function. If the update function doesn't work on your machine, uninstall and install another anti-virus from this list. For advanced users, if you want to disable the upgrade nag screen that Avira displays, please see this page.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Avast! Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus

5. Clean out temp files, and other junk

Download and run:

Note: This is a powerful cleaner software, be careful with what you select. Also run the registry cleaner from Tools/Registry Cleaner

6. Remove suspicious and unused starup entries

After using CCleaner to clean up temp files and cookies, go to the Tools option in CCleaner, then click the Startup option. Here, you'll see a list of all programs that startup when your computer boots up.

If you're sure of what you're doing, you can delete entries. If you are unsure, disable the entry instead.

If you want to scan any individual file on your computer against about 40 anti-virus programs, upload the file to the following site (free, no registration):

You can also check each individual entry against the exhaustive list at the following link to decide whether to keep it or delete it:

7. Re-install Windows

If you still have problems caused by spyware/adware/virus, do a clean re-install of Windows. Make sure to backup your product keys, etc. before doing a clean install. There are freeware tools that will extract keys from existing installations on your computer. One such tool is:

8. Other useful software
Download and install Ghostery and set it to auto-update the blacklist.

This site contains an exhaustive list of the best free software for Windows, including Firewalls, Disk Deframenters, System Utilities, and other software to optimize your computer:

9. Backup Backup Backup
I cannot stress enough on this. Anyone who has lost data in the past will tell you how important this is. External USB hard disks are available for under $100 these days, and allow you to backup your entire computer.

Another backup software is Acronis TrueImage. It's not free, but totally worth the money:

Another favorite is Dropbox. Download and install it, and set your important folders to backup directly to Dropbox.

Other free backup software options are reviewed here:

Note: This post will be updated from time to time. If you have general computer questions, or solutions to common problems, that you think will be of help to others and should be included in this topic, feel free to add it below. Some of the posts from this topic that contain useful info may be copy/pasted into this forum. Some posts may be deleted to keep this topic useful.

Thanks for reading.

9.  Philmont Packing List

Maximum target weight all gear - 40 to 50 pounds (depending on individual body weight and age)  BackPackingLight
Go on at least two overnight shakedown hikes with full gear and to break in hiking boots prior to Philmont. (5 miles in and 5 miles out)

Personal Equipment


  • pack with padded hip strap I use a 5400 Cubic inch bag Kelty or Osprey, or Northface or REI (rental available at Philmont) (I prefer external frame)
  • pack cover–waterproof nylon – REQUIRED, sometimes packs have integral rain cover and water bladder.
  • 6-12 zip-loc plastic bags–assorted sizes to pack clothes, toiletries, etc ( I pack each day of clothing in a separate bag)
  • Hiking poles – collapsible, I prefer aluminum ski poles (remove the basket)
  • hiking boots (with ankle support (for adults Men's KARRAIG MID WP for years of use ) – well broken in


  • sleeping bag in tight small stuff sack lined with plastic bag around it. 20 degree
  • sleep clothes-worn only in sleeping bag (T-shirt and gym shorts usually, long underwear optional)
  • straps to hold sleeping bag on pack (if required)
  • sleeping pad, or light weight inflatable (I don't fine much use in either of these.)


  • lightweight sneakers or tennis shoes to wear around camp (crocs, Teva sandals, shower thongs AKA flip-flops)
  • 3 pair heavy hiking socks * (one worn, 2 extra)
  • 3 pair light inner socks * (one worn, 2 extra, Polypropylene recommended)
  • 3 pair underwear (one worn, 2 extra)
  • 2 hiking shorts* (one worn, one extra, I use pants with zip-off legs instead for all my pants)
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (not cotton, good for cold evenings)
  • 1 pair long pants, (I bring 2 pair of zipoffs instead)
  • 2 T-shirts * (one worn, 1 extra, not cotton)
  • 1 sweater or jacket (wool or Polypropylene) optional 
  • 1 hat or cap–flexible, with brim
  • 1 sturdy rain suit (rain coat and rain pants, NOT A PONCHO) This is my jacket when I need one
  • 1 stocking cap (wool or Polypropylene) optional
  • 1 glove liners or mittens * (wool or Polypropylene) optional
  • 2 bandanas or handkerchiefs
  • Gloves (Walmart Hyper Tough)


  • Bowl and cup or sierra cup preferred, do not bring the squishy bowels
  • spoon
  • 2 one qt. nalgene water bottles
  • 2-3 liter hydration kit for the backpack
  • seasoning (crushed red pepper spices up the dehydrated eggs) (make sure you have salt)



  • one or two extra ditty sacks
  • small pocketknife optional
  • flashlight (small with new and extra batteries) I bring a headlamp
  • Philmont map (A)
  • compass need 2-3 for the Troop/Crew
  • whistle
  • money ($20 – $25 in small bills)
  • lip balm
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • small camp towel
  • personal medicine (if required)
  • 1 bar Ivory soap
  • sunscreen at least 15 SPF
  • sunglasses
  • medications, Ibuprofen (pain killer with parent approval), monkey butt powder.
  • spare prescription glasses


  • camera and memory card
  • fishing equipment/licenses
  • postcards, pre-stamped
  • foot powder if you need it
  • note pad and pen
  • Day pack or fanny pack – useful depending on you side hikes
  • Water filter, the micropur they give you works well unless you have to use really dirty water
  • duct tape I put this on my trekking poles or around my Nalgene to prevent attracting bears
  • watch, inexpensive optional

Troop/Crew Gear to bring

  • 2-3 6 liter carriers for dry camps. I prefer 3 6-liter MSR dromedaries
  • 2 or 3 50 ft parachute cord
  • 1 Gerber Multi-tool
  • 8-10 extra tent stakes
  • 2 whisperlite stoves plus 2 fuel canisters. Bring a 33 and a 22 oz
  • 1 Troop/Crew first aid kit, with meat tenderizer and baking soda for stings. calamine lotion, anti itch cream, liquid Benadryl if throat is swollen and can't swallow.
  • 2 camp soap per Troop/Crew
  • ground tarp for tent, I use 4 mil plastic
  • backpacking tent for every 2 people. Share tents, the campsites are not that large. (hammocks are not permitted)
  • 1 trowel for catholes if needed.
  • small rubber scraper for cleaning out pot and dishes 1 per Troop/Crew
  • Trash bags for wet cloths and whatever

Philmont, what to bring

Where to get Budget Backpacking Gear for Philmont.  If you want new gear, then lightweight backpacking gear is available at various trusted retailers:

If you want to search for used gear at a discount, then check out this eBay search (link).

Corporal's Corner Amazon page

Dixie's CDT Gear List 

Dixie's PCT Gear Lists: Desert

Dixie's PCT Gear Lists: Sierra Nevada

Dixie's PCT Gear Lists: Cascade Range

7 Principles of Leave No Trace


10.  PhilSongs Songbook

The Philmont Hymn from the 'Live From the Tooth
































































More songs

The Things They Requested

Enough of that! Here is the packing list.