CrewDiscuss Operating Procedures

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Operating procedures that should be performed by the following Crew officers:

  1. President
  2. Administrative Vice President
  3. Program Vice President
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Guide
  7. Quartermaster
  8. Historian
  9. Board Administrator Vice President
  10. Board Moderator

These procedures should require 15 minutes or less per week per officer on average.

Daily procedures:

  1. Board Administrator Vice President monitors user access.  Administrator receives email per ACP->EXTENSIONS->User Access Notification
  2. Board Moderator monitors new topics and posts.  Board Moderator should be subscribed to all forums so to be notified of all new topics.
  3. Board Moderator edits topics and posts as requested by user when user can't edit same due to exceeding editing time limit.  See ACP->POSTING->Post settings->Limit editing time.
  4. Board Moderator mentors Crew members on use of the Crew messaging board. 
  5. Board Moderator responds to all new topics added to the HELP forums.

Weekly procedures:

  1. Crew Secretary should post meeting minutes and meeting agenda topics in the Crew Notifications->Meeting Agenda and Minutes forum.
  2. Board Administrator Vice President should review the forum logs at ACP->MAINTENANCE
  3. Review new topics and new replies for which the officer is responsible.

Monthly procedures:

  1. Crew Administrative Vice President and Program Vice President should create Public announcement topics (recruiting and activities) and coordinate with the Board Administrator Vice President to update the board wide announcement ACP->EXTENSIONS->BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS->Announcement settings..
  2. Crew Program Vice President should update the Crew calendar of events in CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Crew Calendar forum
  3. Crew Treasurer should update Cash Book spreadsheet with income and expense items in CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Crew Financial Report
  4. Crew Treasurer should notify Crew members that have a negative balance and are expected to bring their account even as soon as possible.
  5. Crew Historian should update "In the News" and "Videos and pictures for Public Release topics
  6. Crew Program Vice President  should update the CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Upcoming events forum

Quarterly procedures:

  1. Crew Quartermaster defines and updates products and maintains inventory of products and assigns Crew member to produce any custom items to be sold in the on-line store.
  2. Crew Quartermaster coordinates fund raising activities and service projects. 
  3. Crew Quartermaster should update the Packing Lists at CREW PROJECTS->Packing lists and coordinate equipment acquisitions at CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Shopping Garage/Yard Sales and second hand stores.

Semi-annual procedures:

  1. Crew Secretary should create Crew officer election announcement at CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Officer Announcements.
  2. Crew Secretary should report the Crew officer election results at CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Current Officers.
  3. Board Administrator Vice President will update Administrator email when new Board Administrator Vice President is elected
  4. Each Officer should update their signature to reflect their new title. See UCP->Profile->Edit signature
  5. Crew President prepares the annual report to the chartered organization and adds topic to CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Annual report to the chartered organization forum.
  6. Read the Leadership training materials listed below

Annual Procedures:

  1. Crew Quartermaster coordinates service projects at CREW MEMBER POLLS AND SURVEYS->Servie selection and CREW PROJECTS->service project.

As needed procedures:

  1. Board Administrator Vice President must activate newly registered users. See ACP->USERS AND GROUPS->Inactive users per the admin's notification options.  the user profile information is viewed at ACP->USER AND GROUPS->Manage users-> Profile.
  2. Board Administrator Vice President should add topics to locked forums as needed
  3. Board Moderator adds new forums per direction of Crew Officers and subscribes to it.
  4. Crew Guide should mentor and monitor use of the board of Crew members work toward Programming and Digital Technology Merit Badges and the Venturing Nova Award in the Computers STEM exploration.
  5. Crew Administrative Vice President respond to Contact requests found in the CREW NOTIFICATIONS->Knock at the Door forum.
  6. Board Administrator Vice President should submit tickets to the Help Desk to resolve CrewDiscuss Messaging Board technical issues.
  7. Crew Program Vice President  should update CREW MEMBER POLLS AND SURVEYS
  8. Crew President appoints youth chairs for special projects and adds project topic at CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Meeting Place.
  9. Board Administrator Vice President will send mass emails to Crew members per direction of other Crew officers.

Crew member Responsibilities:

  1. Discuss in the CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS
  2. Specifically, discuss the assigned project as defined by the youth chair appointed by the Crew President in the CREW MEMBER OPEN FORUMS->Meeting Place.
  3. Discuss with and mentor other Crew members.
  4. Discuss and submit application for Crew officer positions.
  5. Discuss and participate in Crew activities and service projects.
  6. Review and discuss new topics and new replies for which the Crew member is responsible so to contribute intelligently at Crew meetings.
  7. Each Crew member should update their signature to reflect their new title, if any. See UCP->Profile->Edit signature
  8. Each Crew member should add an avatar. See UCP->Profile->Edit avatar.
  9. Read the Leadership training materials listed below

Advisors, Parents Committee, and Charter Organization Representative Responsibilities:

  1. Be registered on the board.
  2. Review and discuss as appropriate.
  3. Mentor as appropriate.

Leadership Training Materials

  1. Here's an online training course for new crew officers.
  2. Here's a great "Lessons Learned" document from an experienced Venturing Crew President.
  3. The following web site is dedicated to teaching leadership skills to youth leaders:  White Stag Leadership Development: Resources for Junior Leader Training
  4. The following is a 300 page guide to teaching boy scouts leadership skills: Resources for Leadership